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Happy Birthday Lenne!

Much <3, me.


of cheongsams and dragons. [11/11/08]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello! Lenne is finally updating.

My two latest costumes are both cheongsams. o__o
Which saved time in the pattern making but they both had their annoying parts. T___T

For Reference:

Ou Kijin of Houshin Engi!

Tao Jun of Shaman King!

Ou Kijin of Houshin EngiCollapse ) Tao Jun of Shaman KingCollapse )

Stolen from wildmushrooms's lj:

Photos will be up once they're post-processed :D

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Halloween! [11/03/08]

So we haven't updated this cause

a)I haven't been cosplaying lately.
b)Lenne umm.. I dunno.

Victorian Boy? I dunno. I threw it together in the morning.

And yes, nice to meet you too!

My good friend Alex. This is just so much win. I don't know what to say. Taken by Nevar on my pathetic PnS cam XD. "TAKE THAT RETARDED PHOTOGS! I CAN SHOOT ON A LAME ASS CAMERA! WHOOHOO!"


and a group photo!
From Left: Sam, Alex, Sylvest, Naomi, Me, Nigel, Mervyn(At the back), Saito (at the front with gay pose), Nevar, Lyn (blocked off T_T), Vanessa, Veronica and idk who that person is or what she's doing in my photo.

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Cosfest 2008 [07/08/08]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello everyone!
We've finally completed our cosplays for cosfest, namely Bubbles.
In case you don't know what Bubbles is referring to..

It's actually Inphyy and Tyurru from Ninety Nine Nights!
Super obscure series haha, go google!

I only finished my outfit at Dusty's place at 9am of the event!! O__O!!!
And i fell asleep on her twice.. But what matters is that we finished ohohohoho. Right?
We chose to make the sekrit Tyurru weapon zee Rainbow Wand cause its cuter.
Special thanks to: etherical
Personally, i'm quite satisfied with the results and i think we did decently! Our skits utterly phail though ):
What do you think? D:

Photos under CUUUUT!Collapse )

Anyway we had loads of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 8D
Thank you to everyone who showed us support in anyway!

Guess we'll have to refine our Magic costumes and leave them for another event. D:
Who knows, maybe we'll take part again in wcs next year, but with Magic this time, haha!
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Totchii at Streetfest [05/26/08]


first time i didn't cos with lennelenne. XD.

Anyway I went late, and i met up with lenne as she was leaving / i was going in. So no pics together T_T.

Cosplayed Dir En Grey's Toshiya, Tsumi to Batsu image. Had SO much fun.

Thanks muchly to wendi (die) for helping with the pattern drafting and teaching me to sew pleather. I feel soo sorry for breaking 2 of her sewing needles but I feel so accomplished having sewed BONING.

anyway pics thanks to Ariki, and purikura scans. More later..

Pics here!Collapse )
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Well, I've registered us for WCS. No thanks to street fest and lenne starting school our progress has stalled.

The Beijing Olympics has caused a wig shortage and we are fretting like mad people over the lack of wigs. T_T. I am gong to cry!

Anyway will be back with pictures after Street Fest this Sunday, and then more progress reports!

MAGIC is coming along better than I expected although it's still taking a looooong time. Managed to secure a good crinoline skirt (my friend's wedding gown XD) to pwoof it up.

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dun dun dun dun dun dun! [03/30/08]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hello i'm online! 8D
What a miracle lol.
And as Dusty mentioned we're done with bases! I is glad we didn't procrastinate @o@
..well, not too much anyway.

Anyway i just realised how annoying the details our powerpuff girls i mean uh BUBBLES cosplay is. Like what the flying meerkats man!

Just wondering right, would people be more impressed by bling, even if the series is obscure, or by impressive costumes of series they know of?

So please please please reply with how you feel towards this!

Obscure Bling vs Well-known-impressive-but-not-as-Impressive Bling

Although if the latter wins that's kinda sad cause we're already progressing through all our three costumes!

Feel free to comment on our posts! (and watch us ees okay we don't minds.)
Whether you're people we know, don't know, it doesn't matter!
We need the feedback, thanks. ):
We is nice people, okay? ;A;
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Okay, so lenne and I have planned stuff we want to do. We decided we shall finish cosplaying every single final fantasy at least once! Also costume construction for MAGIC is giving me royal headaches. I should have listened and not made my stupid skirt two layers. It's waaay too unpresentable to take any pictures of now.

We've been thinking that BUBBLES might not be a good choice to compete in WCS with, it's too obscure... ): I don't know la. but I like it alot. BUT it definately has the BLING WTF factor. Not as bling as TB, not as armor centric as Dynasty Warriors, but sort of DW meets hyungtaekim! wtf armor + zomg so sexy + that makes no constructional sense.

Ah well. Speaking of MAGIC, we've more or less collected a full team for photoshoot. <3

We still need to buy more blue PVC and golden trim.

Progress Reporto! Chocolato~ [03/24/08]

Ohayo minna!

Here's dusty with our progress reports! Unfortunately pictures are on Lenne's camera! So no pictures today!

As you know, lenne and I are working on two costumes concurrently. We shall refer to the first set as BUBBLES and the second one as MAGIC.

We've finished the base for BUBBLES! Lenne's 3/4 through the base of her MAGIC, and i'm about half way through.

It seems there are some interesting about our outfits.

Lenne's BUBBLES and MAGIC costumes are... MADE OF THE SAME FABRIC! except BUBBLES is one shade lighter, and of a thinner fabric. They also both involve the use of large obnoxious hats.

We also noticed that both our BUBBLES costumes, we'll lets say that the paper patterns are like 5/6 alike. the only difference being length. And that mine has tapered coat-tails while Lenne's are rectangles.

Unfortunately my BUBBLES and MAGIC costumes have nothing in common except being royal pains in the backside.

And that's all I have to report.

Oh! We also figured out what to do with our performances. Expect cheesy theatrics, bubbles, exaggerated fight scenes and LOTS OF CRACK!.

We should be contacting a few of your soon to see if our skit for Cosfest Day 1 is funny enough. It should be, it's spoofing a whole lot of wonderful crack games, AND ITS EDUCATIONAL TOO!

dusty out. <3
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roflmao [03/14/08]

Jackee found this in a Malaysian Magazine called Powder.
Lenne is very happy to proove to me that I can still get fanboys even when I'm crossdressing wtf.


Translation by shoji and jackee

The cacophony of this oblong hall reminds me of the Hardcore Metal concert I witnessed not a ways back. But the echoing screams do not originate from acne-laden Mat Rocks this time around, but from a group of damsels dressed in Sailor Moon outfits. Despite all of this, not even the passion of the entire Manga world could hinder these tears that are starting to wet these cheeks of mine.

Shot By A Cupid at Comic Fiesta

A First Glimpse That Enticed The Heart
I decided to relinquish my spot at the front of the stage while the finals of the Individual Cosplay competition were being held. I took my cue to depart not from the congested crowds, not from the antics of these restless teenagers, but from a certain aroma that was lingering in the air; an aroma usually associated with cheese and the act of cutting it. I found myself at the end of a Dounjinshi table after I finally made it out of the crowd, apologizing relentlessly along the way of course. As I was ogling the crowd and all the interesting costumes present, my eye suddenly caught sight of a girl who was busy posing for a dude with a RM16.50 disposable camera from Tesco. How do I know, you might ask? Simple, I own it too.

A Flutter of Eyes That Led to Succumbing
The beauty of this maiden was like a summer’s breeze upon a field of emerald green, enrapturing me with the song of the winds. I was stunned; my knees buckled making me sway like a Sumazau dancer under the shadow of Mount Kinabalu. She had a Manga costume of white silk, streaked with purple velvet across her body and a sash of deep purple. A pair of white wings was perched on her shoulders and long silver hair flowed down, covering a part of her face. My condition at that time could be likened to an electric post in the middle of the federal highway. Stiff as can be, with only the movement of my eyes betraying the fact that I am still alive. As if it was destined to be, the girl who managed to capture my heart glanced in my direction through the corner of her eye with a flutter that could give me inspiration for a thousand nights of sweet dreams. I was now bent on approaching her and expressing these emotions that are on the verge of destroying my now beaten down rationale.

A Mirror of Sorrow Never Seen
The girl whom I’ve named ‘sayang’ smiled playfully, as though inviting my presence while I walked towards her as if on cloud nine. I tried speaking, but all that is heard are noises not unlike the World War II transistors belonging to my grandfather. She shook her head and raised her hand as a sign of ‘not hearing’ in front of my eyes. I was flummoxed. I tried making hand gestures of wanting to be friends, but she just giggled as she saw me embracing myself as if holding a child. Panic flooded over me, why must this happen to me now, here of all places? But then something curious happened, she started staring at me, her stares as sharp as the lance that stabbed Mahsuri. I was once again stunned, her eyes moving from left to right, as if looking for something. Did she realize that I had fallen for her, that my love had radiated out until even she could feel its bright, warm heat? Out of the blue, she acquired a piece of tissue and caressed the glass in front of me, as though cleansing all there is. She then walked away with her friends, laughing happily all the way.

Now I realized, my feelings of love at first sight made me forget that I too was in costume like the girl. But my costume of choice for that day was also the cause of me shedding tears of regret, for I was dressed with a TV on my head at Comic Fiesta 2007!
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On Saturday we went to buy cloth, after we saw a certain someone who is making us very broke. Lenne think's she's Sailor Moon... T_T

On reaching cloth shop, Lenne proceeds to give us a tour of the lovely fabrics...

Eventually settling on a cloth that looks like rydia... She STILL thinks she's doing Rydia...

Lenne "Harh? We not buying this???"

Final spoils.... (not half of them not pictured here)

Amounts to just under $400

Dusty says "we have no munnies"
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WIP: Photo entry #1 [02/19/08]

[ mood | easily amused ]

We bring you progress.Collapse )

We're playing a game where we see who can find the white crystal mud in water without feeling around. :x


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HELLO EVERYBODY!!1!! [02/19/08]

[ mood | shocked ]

Hello everyone this is Lenne who is using Dusty's computer to update this oh hohohohoho!
This site is for us to record the madness in constructing utterly insane costumes.
And since my computer crashes so muchhhhh, its better to keep it recorded somewhere other than my unstable harddisk. ):

Anyway we're like uh 5% done wooohooo.


pee ass. dusty is making vroom vroom sounds next to the computer while playing with those crystal mud things that expands in the water. What are you doing dusty?! GO MAKE YOUR COSTUME LAH! DXXX

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